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Keepin’ It Real

This weekend I had another opportunity to go to Atlanta for another collaboration. I must admit, if I decided to move, Atlanta would be my first choice.   I just think it offers so much to do, there is a lot of cool hang out spots, restaurants and cafes.  Not to forget, a lot of historical places or sites as well. Most importantly, I like the unique graffiti images, and architecture through out the city. My last shoot took place at Ponce City Market and it was an exciting part of the city I fell in love with also. In fact, it was my first time in that  area.  It was such a hip part of the city that immediately caught my attention. Later, I was educated by my friend Quintan (Out of the Box Fashion) that it was the old sears building renovated into this cool spot with several restaurants and boutiques. During this visit, I got the chance to see another intriguing part of Atlanta known as Westside Provisions District. Again, another hip spot with several restaurants and boutiques. At the end of the shoot, we decided to try one of the restaurants suggested by my friend. Unfortunately, it was already closed.  So, we decided to try this burger joint name Yeah! Burgers. Upon sitting down, I saw this phrase on the wall that read “Keepin’ It Real”. Nothing amazing but very profound. There is so much to be taken from this phrase but I have to ask the question. How many of us are keepin’ It Real. In today’s society, there is so much to distract us and often times we are operating outside of the truth and don’t even know it. If we do know, my next question is why are we choosing to live a phony life?  Please know, that I am not trying to be judgmental but the truth is that we are not “Keepin’ It Real”. Needless to say, this mentality has become the norm. But is it really normal when we are not Keepin’ It Real? I believe you know my response to that question.  However, I would like to know your thoughts on it. Again, thanks for shopping Distinctively Mod Boutique and following my blog.

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