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Rise Up!!

I pray everyone is doing well. It goes without saying that the past few weeks has been challenging for the world due to the pandemic. Jobs lost, businesses closed, lives lost, and lives changed. This interruption has all of us taking a new direction. In fact, I have been working remotely since March 18 and it has been an adjustment. Of course, in my spear time, I get to post on and browse social media throughout the week. As always, there are interesting posts, inspirational posts and the other posts. Other meaning negative. Negative to the point where it becomes discouraging. If anyone knows me, I turned away from the news for that very reason. I understand that it’s just one of those things but we still have a choice in what we listen to or watch. Believe it or not, it shapes our decisions, whether good or bad. I am also aware that reports have to be made and news delivered but I also believe that during this time people need encouragement more than ever before. People are living in fear and confused and need hope. Which takes me into my point for this blog. In browsing social media, I saw a lot about taking this time to grow our businesses or taking this time to catch up while we are home. Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed a lot for me because I am still working. Needless to say, I didn’t really ponder on it at the time because I agreed. Besides, it’s a great plan or place to start.  But one day as I was sitting on my front porch, I was arrested by the Holy Spirit and in that moment, He revealed that people are still lost and lack understanding. While those things are important and I am not saying not to do those things, I just believe that this is not the time for that.  But it’s a season of opportunity for us to rise up and focus our attention on what’s really important and to prioritize what’s important. One person even went as far as saying I am tired of this pandemic etc. Truthfully, we all want this thing to go and not return. We all want to get back to our normal routine. I am not here to tell others what they should say or do. However, we need to rise up and focus on what’s really important. One would think that our focus would be on doing things differently that changes us for the better as a result. So, I asked myself what has changed because we continue in our busyness, we continue to make make it about us. Not realizing that there is more to what’s going on than our eyes see. This should be an awakening and attention getter. God is shaking and moving some things that’s really working in our favor even in the midst of chaos but we are still blind sided by our selfishness. So, I encourage each of you to rise up to this season because it’s an opportunity to repent, an opportunity to go after the things of God, to forgive and be forgiven. The Bible is clear and plain when it says in Matthew 6:33, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Be blessed, and stay encouraged. Most importantly, I pray protection and peace over every person and every family across the world and that no sickness, disease, harm or danger will come near your dwelling in Jesus Name.  Remember, we are more than conquerors. Thanks for reading my blog.